Board of Directors

The Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Current membership of the Board includes:

Executive Board Members:

  • Leo Johnson, Chair
  • Beverley Bolton, Vice-Chair
  • Tammy Wood, Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Dave Armstrong, Executive Member
  • Mardi Cockburn, Executive Member
  • Kirk White, Executive Member

Board Members:

  • Judy Budovitch
  • Andrew Perry
  • Trevor Corey
  • Dr. John Keddy
  • Dr. Mark MacMillan
  • Daniel Stevenson
  • Sherri Hatheway
  • Ellen Messenger
  • Nora Kelly
  • Melissa Everett Withers
  • John McGarry(ex-officio)

    Board and staff group photoPictured from Back Row (left)- Terri Mott, Lauren Nicholson, Tammy Wood Thierry Arseneau, Nora Kelly, Trevor Corey, Ellen Messenger, Andrew Perry, Kirk White, Dr. John Keddy, Leo Johnson
    Front Row (left)- Sherri Hatheway, Bev Bolton, Melissa Everett-Withers, Judy Budovitch
    Not pictured: Daniel Stevenson, Mardi Cockburn, Dave Armstrong, Sarah Langis, John McGarry