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Care for Kids 2015-2016


The Chalmers Care for Kids campaign was our largest campaign to date, raising $2.2 million. These funds will improve outpatient clinic space for not only the specialists that travel to Fredericton, but for the youth that seek outpatient services like chemotherapy or blood work. Inpatient rooms will also be refurbished to reflect a more family friendly space for parents and children whether it's for a short term or long term stay. Funds will also help to create a brand new treatment space for youth admitted with a mental health diagnosis. 

La collecte de fonds pour favoriser des collectivités saines et bienveillantes.

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What are some ways that I can leave a legacy gift?


There a number of options available and each will have different types of tax benefits. The Foundation encourages you to talk to your professional advisor (ie. your lawyer, accountant, etc.) because while everyone’s needs vary, your advisor can help you decide which option(s) will work best for you and your family.  Here are some of the ways to make a legacy gift:

* A charitable bequest is a distribution from your estate to the Chalmers Foundation through your last will and testament. There are different kinds of bequests ie. general, specific and residuary. For each it is important to use very specific language to indicate the precise use of your assets, and to successfully carry out your final wishes.

* A cash or security gift is an amount made out to the Chalmers Foundation. Gifts of cash are available for immediate use in the form of cash, cheque, credit card or pre-authorized contributions paid monthly.  

* A gift of securities is a cost-effective opportunity to transform an asset into immediate and significant support for the Chalmers Foundation. Securities can include stocks, bonds, mutual or segregated funds. By donating publicly traded securities, you eliminate the capital gains tax that becomes payable if you were to sell the appreciated securities on the market and donate the proceeds from the sale to the Chalmers Foundation.

* A gift of life insurance is made when you name the Foundation as the beneficiary. It is a cost- effective opportunity to transform modest premium payments into a significant gift for the Chalmers Foundation. When donating a life insurance policy to the Foundation, the best option for you will depend on whether you seek tax relief during your lifetime or for your estate. The benefits are that a smaller current cash investment is leveraged into a larger future gift; you or your estate receives a charitable tax receipt and you receive tax savings in your lifetime or for your estate.

* Retirement funds (RRSPs or RRIFs) are one of the best ways to grow wealth during your lifetime but one of the worst ways to transfer wealth to the next generation, as they are among the most heavily taxed assets. Registered assets can only be rolled over to a surviving spouse but are taxed if transferred to children or next of kin unless a child has a disability.Gifts of retirement plans are made when you name the Foundation as the beneficiary. This means that upon your death the Foundation would receive the proceeds and your estate will receive the charitable receipt. This receipt will counterbalance your final tax return, transforming any final tax liabilities you have when you die into a charitable gift.

* An endowment is a donation made by way of cash, marketable securities, RRSPs, mutual funds, etc. which are held in perpetual trust. A designated portion of income earned by the endowment is used as directed by the donor. The donation remains intact, making it an everlasting gift. Named endowments may be established with a minimum donation of $10,000. Endowments may be general in nature or for a specific area or purpose. Donors play a major role in ensuring a consistent flow of funds for the future by establishing endowments.

* A gift of an annuity is made when you make a contribution of cash or other property to the Foundation in exchange for a guaranteed lifetime income or for a stated interval of time.  

* In a charitable remainder trust, a gift of trust is made when you decide to make the Chalmers Foundation the secondary beneficiary to an irrevocable trust. The primary beneficiary includes you and if applicable, your spouse. Throughout your lifetime (or a stated period of time) you  receive a pre-determined amount of the trust; upon death, the Foundaton receives the remainder of the trust.

* A gift of residual interest is made when you decide to give the property in which you reside or any other property to the Foundation. You can continue to use and enjoy the property throughout your lifetime. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the present value of the property when the gift is made. Upon death the charitable organization receives the deed of the property.

* A gift of real estate is made when you leave property, buildings, land or a place of residence that you own to the Foundation.  This type of gift can be given immediately or specified in your will. You will receive a charitable tax receipt to be used in your final income tax return.

* A gift in memory of a loved one is any type of gift given to remember a close friend or family member who has passed away. Perhaps they lived with a certain disease and you would like to make sure other people in the future can receive further care.

For information or to arrange a meeting at your convenience please contact:

Tammy Wood, Executive Director
Phone: (506) 470-4048
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Throughout the year a number of special events are organized by the Foundation to raise funds for the hospital. These events are a great way for our community to get involved and give back. Find out more by clicking on an event:


We also have a number of third party events that go on in our community. The Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation appreciates the support of the groups and business in our community who sponsor events to raise funds for the hospital.


Thank you for helping us celebrate our 30th Anniversary. The celebration was a success thanks to generous community supporters like yourself! To view some pictures of the evening (courtesy of Keith Minchin), check out this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153506563300038.1073741838.501282250037&type=1&l=20cfbeae19

Here's to another 30 years!

The Chalmers Foundation strongly values our sponsors and community partnerships. Without them, we couldn't do the important work that we do.

We aim to give back to our supporters by acknowledging their dedication to health care in our community as often as possible, through print media, social media, marketing campaigns and at our various events throughout the year.

We ask that if you do decide to commit to a fundraising project for the Hospital in one of our areas served, that you contact the Foundation to ensure that you received the full benefit of partnering with us.

By registering with the Foundation, we can recognize your efforts by providing:

  • Tools and materials to assist you with your campaign/event
  • Materials and facts about the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation and/or specific information about the area/department/unit you choose to support
  • A dedicated staff member to answer questions about fundraising and tax receipting 

By contacting the Foundation first, this will ensure that your event/project will not:

  • Have the potential to adversely affect the image of the hospital and/or Foundation
  • Conflict with the mission and goals of the hospital and/or Foundation
  • Adversely affect the hospital’s or Foundation's long range plan for fundraising and development 

and will ensure that your event/project will:

If you wish to host a fundraising event,please fill out this Special_Event_Form.pdf and mail back to the Foundation, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to (506)452-5904.

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Our annual report is distributed annually through our local newspaper, The Daily Gleaner.

Keep up to date with the semi-annual Foundation Focus newsletter. 

We are accountable to you. Please feel free to review our Audited Financial Statements. 


We have recently announced our newest campaign: Love Your Lab. This is a $700,000 project that will improve critical services in the Department of Laboratory Medicine.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine is a busy department that serves every corner of our health care system, including hospitals, health centers, clinics, the extramural program, and point-of-care testing programs. Generally, with only 4-5% of health care money, Laboratory Medicine supplies 60-70% of information for medical decisions for patient screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine provides ~4.5 million tests per year for Fredericton and Upper River Valley areas. The service heavily depends on high efficient and high quality equipment such as analyzers, sample preparation/storage devices, and robotic automation.

Our Medical Laboratory needs $700,000 to purchase essential equipment to help deal with the increasing demand. Every dollar donated stays right here in our community, helping our neighbours, co-workers, and family members when they need it the most.


Giving to support the Chalmers Hospital has never been easier and we invite you to contribute in a way that is meaningful to you. Your gift may be designated toward our current campaign or specific department or service area of your choice. Find out more on how and where you can designate YOUR donation.

Interested in creating your own fundraising project for our Love Your Lab campaign? Find out more on hosting your own event.

We thank you for your support.

Our 2015 Gift wrapping campaign was a sucess! $13, 471 was rasied for our Care for Kids campaign. Thank you to all who suppoted this annual initiative.

A special thanks to our 2015 sponsors and partners. Our partner Regent Mall, our Presenting Partner UP! 93.1 and New Country 92.3, our Wrapping Paper sponsor Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market and supply partner Covey Basics.  As we all know, December can be a very busy time of year and we truly appreciate the support from those involved. See you next year!


If you enjoy wrapping presents or are looking for a fun team building opportunity consider volunteering your skills as a wrapper at our annual wrapping booth at Regent Mall.

Each year over 130 volunteers from right here in our community pick a day (or two, or more!) and work a volunteer shift to wrap presents. We are present at the mall for the entire month of December Monday-Sunday and wrap presents by donation. Each year 100% of the funds rasied will go toward a much needed project at the Chalmers Regional Hospital.

In the past, projects have included purchasing a special camera to help detect vision problems in premature infants, updated equipment for the GI Lab, new Cardiac Diagnostic equipment and more!


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Our volunteers from the community give their time during a very busy time of year. We appreciate all the support we receive and this initiative would not be possible without them!